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Dosidicus gigas


Jumbo flying squid


Humboldt squid, jibia, pota, calamar rojo, calamar gigante

Jumbo flying squid in the Eastern Pacific extends from the Chilean waters to the Canadian coasts. The NE Pacific and SE Pacific represent genetically different stocks with some migration among them, in a genetic structure apparently influenced by oceanic currents (Sandoval-Castellanos et al. 2010).

In the SE Pacific, different groups have been identified based on size-at-maturity (Nigmatullin et al. 2001).

Studies conducted by Chile and Korea were consistent in identifying a single genetic stock that extends on the High Seas, outside national waters, and Peruvian, Ecuadorian, and Chilean national waters (Ibañez et al. 2022)(NIFS 2022). A study by Peru identified some structure but it was argued that this was a result of a different sampling design (Sotil and Guarnizo 2022) (SPRFMO 2022). The latest studies based on COI gene suggest the presence of two genetic units of jumbo flying squid along the Pacific Ocean, and this spatial genetic structure is associated with isolation by distance model (Ibañez et al. 2023)(Sotil and Guarnizo 2023) found that based on the ND2 gene significant differences are observed between the coastal and oceanic individuals, mainly in the central oceanic ones (medium and large phenotype size-groups), and there is significant differentiation between the northern and hemisphere individuals.


  • There have been significant efforts to increase knowledge about the stock's dynamics and to develop the regional stock assessment model, and increase the data used. Efforts were initiated in 2017 and have increased since then with several stock assessments presented every year.
  • The SPRFMO Commission has achieved agreement among the state members and approved a management measure including several management regulations that entered into force in January 2021 (and updated in 2023), including an observer monitoring program, the use of VMS devices, and improvement in reporting by the member countries. 


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