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Profile updated on 2 April 2024





Trachurus murphyi


Chilean jack mackerel


Jurel (Spanish)

Chilean jack mackerel is widespread throughout the South Pacific. Research based on genetic and otolith analysis (SPRFMO, 2013a,b), as well as a recent analysis using a biophysical model, indicates a high dispersion range and spatial overlap of modeled recruitments, which supports the existence of a single panmictic population in the SE Pacific (SPRFMO 2016). No genetic differences (Ferrada Fuentes et al. 2023), but contrasting patterns have been found due to connectivity and environmental variables, suggesting some population structure and adaptation (Ferrada Fuentes et al. 2023), and the subject of the population structure and its implication on management strategies are still a matter of concern (SPRFMO 2023). Considering the available information and the connection along with the entire distribution, the assessment unit conducted by SPRFMO is considered here for structuring the profile.

Of the existing five management units (SPRFMO 2022), the Peruvian (El Peruano 2017) and the high seas fisheries (the SPRFMO Convention area; all pelagic trawlers) are exclusively for direct human consumption (SPRFMO 2022); Chilean fisheries operating (the northern, XV-II regions and the central-southern Chilean, III-X regions) are mainly used for fishmeal (Quiroz 2017) and catches from Ecuador can be used both for fishmeal or human consumption (SPRFMO 2019).


  • Since 2010, SPRFMO has conducted a joint jack mackerel assessment and since 2013, catch limits have been agreed upon for the assessment unit area and for the Convention area, in accordance with scientific recommendations (SPRFMO 2022)(SPRFMO 2023). The Ecuadorian and Chilean EEZs are part of the Convention area (SPRFMO 2023).
  • According to IMARPE, the stock biomass is above the target reference point, and fishing mortality has been below the reference point for several years (IMARPE 2023).


Management Quality:

Management Strategy:

< 6

Managers Compliance:


Fishers Compliance:

≥ 8