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Thunnus albacares


Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna are considered a single population in the western and central Pacific Ocean for stock assessment purposes. There is the potential for some mixing between eastern and western stocks to occur(Davies et al. 2014).

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A good overview of tuna fisheries in Malaysia is provided in Bakar and Hassan (2011); SEAFDEC (2011) documents. Malaysian tuna vessels operate in South China Sea area of Western Pacific and in the high seas region of Indian Ocean and Malacca straits.For most of the recent years, very little is known (APEC 2008; Yesaki 1991; Munprasit et al., 1989; Gambang et al., 2003; Chee 1995) about operations of hook and line fleets operating from Western Peninsular Malaysia, Eastern Sarawak and the Sabah waters (South China Sea). Malaysia is not a member nation of WCPFC, hence very little information is available on reported tuna catches from this part of the Pacific Ocean. Hook and line fishers comprised only 2% of the total licensed fishers from mainland Malaysia, while hook and line fishers comprised 60% of primary gear users in the island fishers (Yeo et al., 2007).


  • Yellowfin tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean are managed at the international level by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).
  • A vessel monitoring system is required by Department of Fisheries for all tuna vessels fishing in the high seas.


Management Quality:

Management Strategy:

≥ 6

Managers Compliance:

≥ 6

Fishers Compliance:

≥ 6