Profile Structure:

Relationship of Profiles

Profiles are structured to allow users different perspectives on the information presented: from the top down or the bottom up. Besides providing a choice of perspective, FishSource also allows users to access information at the depth they require.

Wild capture
Salmon Region Wild Stock
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Species Assessment Unit Management Unit Flag Country Fishing Gear FishSource Evaluation
Salmon Region Salmon District Management Unit Flag Country Fishing Gear FishSource Evaluation

Profile Structure

Wild capture profiles allow users two different perspectives: one is to view general content on a particular resource and on the multiple fisheries which may operate on it, the other is to focus on a specific fishery and to approach the effects on the resource from this perspective.

Scientific and technical numerical data and narrative content are available on the main aspects of sustainability, and this information is further summarized into FishSource scores – simple indicators of stock status, management effectiveness, and fishers’ compliance, reflecting internationally accepted standards of these metrics.


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Species Group + Country Province / State Aquaculture Management Area FishSource Evaluation

Profile Structure

In aquaculture, information is ideally structured around an aquaculture management area (AMA) – the primary unit within which aquaculture management practices should be coordinated across a group of farms to mitigate against cumulative impacts and shared risks. However, aquaculture management areas are not yet commonly established across all aquaculture industries.

The profiles are therefore structured in a nested fashion to showcase the core levels of aquaculture governance and how they may interact (or not) to address the shared risks and cumulative impacts of aquaculture industries. This structure allows users to explore how zonal management practices are being adopted by aquaculture industries.