Improvement Cycle:

FishSource in Action

Along with increasing transparency and access to information, FishSource aims to facilitate actual improvements in fishing and aquaculture practices and policies. Targeted recommendations are provided for key stakeholders on actions they can take to help improve the situation. The illustration below shows how FishSource information is used as part of an ongoing process to move fisheries and aquaculture along the continuum of sustainability.

We welcome feedback on all FishSource profiles and hope to encourage an open and constructive debate on any of our content. If you believe additional sources should be considered within the profile or we are reporting inaccurate information from an existing source, please let us know. To comment, click on the light pink “Add comment” banner at the top of all new/updated profiles or scroll down to the “Comments” section at the end of any profile. You do not have to be a FishSource registered user and can log in through a choice of platforms. Please provide publicly available sources to support your comments.

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