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Profile updated on 27 July 2020





Katsuwonus pelamis


Skipjack tuna

Skipjack in the WCPO is considered a single stock for assessment purposes (Vincent et al. 2019 and references cited therein). In the western Pacific, warm, pole-ward-flowing currents near northern Japan and southern Australia seasonally extend their distribution to about 40ºN and 40ºS. These limits roughly correspond to the 20ºC surface isotherm.

A substantial amount of information on skipjack movement is available from tagging programs, which have documented some large-scale movement within the Pacific  (Vincent et al. 2019 and references cited therein). In general, skipjack movement is highly variable and is thought to be influenced by large-scale oceanographic variability.

The FishSource profile is based in a single Assessment Unit (Western and Central Pacific Ocean, WCPO) and a single Management Unit (Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, WCPFC), since the WCPFC is the RFMO managing highly migratory stocks in the WCPO. All fleets from the different fishing countries considered in FS are WCPFC CCMs (i.e. Commission Members, Cooperating Non-members and Participating Territories), and therefore they are subject to comply with the WCPFC Conservation and Management Measures (CMMs). All members of the PNA agreement are also members of the WCPFC.





    Management Quality:

    Management Strategy:

    ≥ 6

    Managers Compliance:

    ≥ 6

    Fishers Compliance:

    ≥ 6