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Melanogrammus aeglefinus



Two North Sea haddock stock units- Subarea IV (North Sea) + Division IIIaW (Skagerrak), and Division VIa (West of Scotland)- were separately assessed until 2014. However, based on consideration of both genetic approaches and life history data, ICES has since determined that these stocks are not likely biologically distinct and should be covered under the same advice (ICES, 2014a,b). Presently, there is some disconnect not only between the newly designated stock unit and corresponding management plan areas, but also between management plan areas areas and areas for which set TACs are allocated. There is an existing EU-Norway management plan corresponding to stocks in sub-area IV and Division IIIa, while a combined TAC applies to Subarea IV and the EU waters of Division IIa. An EU management plan is proposed for stocks in Division VIa and the EU waters of Division Vb, and a corresponding TAC is already in place. Further, haddock in Divisions Vb and and the southern portion of Division IIa are generally considered to belong to a single and separate stock unit (ICES 2014c) (see also FishSource profile for Faroese haddock). There is need for a comprehensive plan exclusively for haddock in Subareas IV and Divisions IIIaW and VIa (ICES 2014a; 2014b), and corresponding alignment of harvest guidelines and reporting.


  • The advice now considers three areas that were previously assessed separately, thus corresponding to boundaries of a single stock. Scientific advice is based on the MSY approach.
  • The spawning biomass remains above MSY Btrigger despite a series of poor recruitments.
  • Gear selectivity and performance


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