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Sebastes mentella


Beaked redfish, Deepwater redfish

Based on genetic information and supported by analysis of allozymes, fatty acids and other biological information the Advisory Committee (ACOM) concluded that there are three biological stocks of S. mentella in the Irminger Sea and adjacent waters: an Irminger Sea Deep Pelagic stock occupying primarily pelagic habitats, and including demersal habitats west of the Faeroe Islands; an Irminger Sea Shallow Pelagic stock that extends to ICES 1 and 2, but primarily pelagic habitats, and includes demersal habitats east of the Faeroe Islands;  an Icelandic Slope stock primarily in demersal habitats (ICES 2022). According to ICES, "the adult redfish on the Greenland shelf has traditionally been attributed to several stocks, and there remains the need to investigate the affinity of adult S. mentella in this region".​ ICES has advised separately for S. mentella found demersal in ICES 14b since 2011 and will do so until all available information on stock origin in this area is analyzed and a new procedure is agreed upon (ICES 2022)


  • In 2022, abundance estimates for Sebastes spp. juveniles have increased, but it is unknown to which species those individuals correspond (ICES 2023).


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