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Crangon crangon


Common shrimp, brown shrimp

The species Crangon crangon, broadly known as “brown” shrimp in the North Sea, is distributed across the northeastern Atlantic Ocean along the Finnish coast and south into the Baltic and Mediterranean seas (Neal 2024). It occurs in high densities in the Wadden Sea ecosystem of the southern North Sea (Gunther et al. 2015), where it supports a large, multinational fishery off the coasts of Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands (Addison et al. 2023), and along the eastern shores of the United Kingdom where there is a smaller, geographically separate fishery (Southall et al. 2019). Studies indicate a high level of genetic exchange among C. Crangon throughout both sides of the North Sea, and the population exploited by the two fisheries is considered to be a single stock (ICES 2014; Addison et al. 2023).


  • The North Sea stock appears to be trending above lower reference limits or proxies, and has shown a tendency to recover quickly from periods of lower abundance (Gunther et al. 2022; Addison et al. 2023)​.


Management Quality:

Management Strategy:

≥ 6

Managers Compliance:

≥ 8

Fishers Compliance:

≥ 8