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Sardinella longiceps


Indian oil sardine

Indian oil sardine is distributed on the entire west coast of India from Gujarat to Kerala, and also on Tamil Nadu, Pondichery, Andhra Pradesh and Orisha in the Indian east coast, but the highest abundance is observed off Kerala and Karnataka coasts. The stock structure of the oil sardine in India has been the subject of different studies in the last years (Sukumaran et al. 2016) (Mohandas 1997) (Venkita Krishnan 1993). Recent research suggests the presence of two stocks in India but the geographical limits of these stocks are not clear. In addition the possible presence of other distinct populations in some regions (especially in the southwestern coast) was evident in the analyses which needs to be confirmed further using more widespread sampling design and powerful markers (Sebastian et al. 2017)In India, the State (Provincial) governments have jurisdiction over fisheries in the territorial waters and populations of oil sardine are normally assessed separately for each State. 

Due to the lack of certainty in the precise number and geographical limits of the biological stocks of oil sardine in India, one profile at the assessment unit level is defined for each of the six coastal states that account for major catches in India: Maharasthra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.


  • Rapid stock assessments are conducted frequently for all coastal states by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute of India (CMFRI). 


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