Russian SOO pollock (FIP)

Status: Completed

FIP Lead: Russian Pollock Catchers Association (RPCA)


Archive Date: May 2014

The Russian Far East (RFE) Pollock FIP was transitioned from SFP to the Russian Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) in 2011, when the Sea of Okhotsk (SOO) fishery entered Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) full assessment. SFP continued to publicly report on fishery improvements and MSC certification progress until May 2014, as a service to the supply chain. More recent updates on SOO fishery improvement efforts, completion of MSC certification conditions, and the status of remaining certification units (Navarinsky and WBS) can be found on the Pollock Catchers Association and MSC websites.

FIP Development
Jan 08
FIP Launch
Sep 08
Workplan made public
FIP Implementation
Jun 11
Improvements in Fishing Practices and Fishery Management
Feb 12
Improvements on the Water
Sep 13
MSC certification (optional)
Sep 13