North Sea cod (FIP)

Last Updated:
Evaluation Start Date: 2012-01-01
Type: Basic

Status: Inactive

FIP Lead: Sustainable Fisheries Partnerships (SFP)


Scoping for a North Sea cod fishery improvement project (FIP) ceased at the end of 2013 because industry stakeholders made known their intention to launch an industry-led FIP. The following FIP scoping report reflects the status of the FIP scoping at the time of archiving. The industry-led FIP had not yet been publicly launched at the time of archiving, but this report will be updated with a link to the FIP when a public report is published.

FIP Development
Jan 12
FIP Launch
Confirmation of project participants
Oct 12
FIP Implementation
Jun 13
Improvements in Fishing Practices and Fishery Management
Verifiable improvement in policy/management and fishing practices
Improvements on the Water
Verifiable improvement on the water
MSC certification (optional)
MSC certificate made public