AIP2ASC Astin – East Java, Indonesia (AIP)

Status: Active

AIP Lead: Yayasan Sustainaqua Indonesia (YSAI)


Multiple members of a producer organization and processors are working towards a common outcome that also addresses public water quality and community engagement.

The farms are working towards full ASC certification over a three-year period, addressing all areas of improvement identified in a recent gap analysis against the ASC Shrimp standard.

The farmers are supported by their lead partners and the improvements implemented by the local consultant YSAI. Both implementers and partners were trained by ASC on the ASC Improvement Program (ASC IP) requirements and the ASC Shrimp Standard.

AIP Development
Mar 22
AIP Launch
Mar 22
Mar 22
AIP Implementation
Jul 23
Improvements in Aquaculture Management Practices
Jul 23
Improvements on the Water
Verifiable improvement on the water