ATINA-ASIC Sidoarjo AIP (East Java, Indonesia) (AIP)

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Evaluation Start Date: 2019-01-01

Status: Active

AIP Lead: Alter Trade Indonesia, PT (ATIP)


The Sidoarjo EcoShrimp AIP operates in Sidoarjo City, East Java, Indonesia, and will increase the market recognition of responsible shrimp farming by verifying extensive shrimp farming to the ASIC Shrimp protocol. This will be achieved via a collaboration between local farmers and traders, a processing plant PT. Aler Trade Indonesia (PT ATINA) and support from the Department of Fisheries in Sidoarjo (Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Air Pau Jepara) and the Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative.

AIP aims:

  • Verify shrimp farming practices to the ASIC Shrimp protocol
  • Promote low environmental impact shrimp farming practices that increase social equity by building the capacity of local shrimp farmers
  • Promote coordination among farmers to minimize disease risks
  • Promote collaboration and use of an effective traceability system among farmers
  • Promote and develop policies and programs with local government and associated agencies that support local shrimp farmers and communities

AIP Development
Jun 20
AIP Launch
Jun 20
Jun 20
AIP Implementation
Sep 23
Improvements in Aquaculture Management Practices
Verifiable improvement in aquaculture management practices
Improvements on the Water
Verifiable improvement on the water