Over the last 4 years, the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has been building a global fisheries online database – FishSource. Our goals have been to get actionable fisheries information in front of major seafood buyers and to build a network of contributors to share and update that information as they also use use the database for their research. SFP is achieving the former with increasing success. In order to improve the latter, we are dividing FishSource into two separate websites.
FishSource.com – Our industry-facing site, specific to SFP. Our vision for FishSource remains the same: to provide major seafood buyers with up-to-date, impartial, actionable information on the status of fisheries and improvements needed to become sustainable. By assembling the essential data and making it freely available, FishSource lowers the key barrier to entry for companies to engage in sustainable sourcing. Companies thus save time and resources by accessing FishSource for sustainability information and fisheries status.
FisheriesWiki.org – A new site, devoted to the research needs of the science and policy communities. Our goal for FisheriesWiki is that it will serve as a global commons encyclopedia of fisheries, providing current and accurate information on global aquaculture and marine capture fisheries, created through the contributions of experts around the world. With this in mind, SFP is establishing an Advisory Committee to oversee the further development, operations, and adaptive management of FisheriesWiki. With over 300 fishery profiles already on the site, we hope you will make use of this important resource and become a contributor.